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The core activities of ASKMI would include research & development, capacity building through training and education, policy advocacy and networking among practitioners. The Centre would focus on the global context. The details of the activities are;

Knowledge building & Dissemination

ASKMI would undertake various studies and action research to understand and build knowledge from present practices and to explore areas for advancement of practices that would contribute to the growth and development of micro insurance sector in the world. The Centre would promote collaborative research with academic and research institutions and international development organizations. It would facilitate research and thesis work by the students of reputed academic institutions. It would lay a special emphasis on documentation of the field experiences in diverse contexts.

Capacity building

The Centre would focus on identification of needs, design and development of appropriate training programmes for different stakeholders of the micro insurance sector, with a thrust on field practitioners. The client system would include demand stream comprising people organizations, development organizations and communities, supply stream comprising NGOs, MFI's, commercial insurers, governments and enabling stream comprising the governments, regulators and policy makers. Both generic as well as customized programmes would be developed and offered by the Centre to meet the varying needs of the sector. The programmes would focus on building knowledge and perspectives on technical aspects of micro insurance, and skills in designing, developing and administering micro insurance programmes. The Centre would also design and develop courses primarily for educating the students, faculty and practitioners enabling them to obtain specialization in micro insurance in order that these resources are available for the sector in future.

Policy Advocacy

The Centre would play a critical role in policy advocacy to promote insurance for the poor with a particular focus on mutual insurance in various countries across the globe. As part of this effort it would organize policy seminars, workshops, capacity building events; undertake research, document field experiences, and publish through appropriate media. The Centre would constitute a resource pool of experts for consultation and strategic guidance for advancing the mutual insurance initiatives in the world.

Networking among field practitioners

The field practitioners need to share the knowledge and build on each otherís' experiences for which a network will be promoted among practitioners in the world. The Centre would facilitate knowledge building workshops and seminars among field practitioners. Such a network will be affiliated to the established global mutual insurance associates for further sharing and learning. The Centre would facilitate interactions among them that would lead to advancing of knowledge and enhancement of the field practices.

ASKMI envisages building partnerships and collaborating with like-minded and interested stakeholders in furthering its purpose and objectives.